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What is Endorsed Email Traffic?

No matter what product or service you're promoting, it's likely that someone else already has a list and the attention of your ideal prospects. 

Endorsed email traffic is simply the process of having authority sites and/or figures in your niche email your offer to their already engaged audiences.

In short, it's the simplest PPC (pay-per-click) advertising medium available to date.

Infinite Scale. Less Headaches.

Unlike the popular self-serve PPC platforms, such as Facebook and Google Adwords, you're not bogged down by endless red-tape, never-ending policy changes, bot and algorithm bans, or at risk of losing your advertising privileges without warning. 

Instead, you're only limited by what our publishers are willing to send to their audiences and we'll work with you to help get your ads and funnels approved when needed. 

Why Us?

With more than 10 years experience on our team, we have the widest array of publishers available which ensures you're tapping into the audiences and traffic that's most likely to convert with your offers and products. 

We'll get to know your products, services, and needs to ensure that we're coupling you with publishers who have the eyeballs and attention of your ideal prospects and, because of our extensive network and purchasing capacity, we're able to negotiate costs much lower than you'd typically pay yourself. 

This means you get your offers in front of the right people at the lowest cost possible. Period.  

Experience the Zero Chase Advantage!

Superior Targeting

Step 1

With access to publishers in a multitude of niches, you're able to get your offers in front of proven buyers in your industry ensuring you get extra high quality performance every time.


Step 1

We've generated as much as 100,000 leads per day using our publishing partners which means you have access to virtually endless supply of clients. 

Peace of Mind

Step 1

Unlike other popular platforms with endless red-tape and never ending changes, you never have to worry about losing your advertising and traffic privileges with us.


Step 1

Consistent performance at consistent prices. That's what you can count on with us. 


Step 1

Clicks, leads, sales, upgrades, return customers. It's what every business wants and it's what we're known for.


Step 1

Communication, trust, and transparency that you can count on to get the job done. 

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